Frequently asked questions

Where should the TensionTerminator be installed?

A location next to the management office is probably not such a good idea. The cafeteria proved to be an ideal spot, where the TensionTerminator becomes the focus of attention and contributes to the entertainment of the team. Other suitable locations are areas where the entire staff frequented passes through, e.g. on the way to the bathroom or the copy machine.  

Can the TensionTerminator be disinfected?

Generally, yes. Please refer to the detailed instructions for cleaning and maintenance in the instruction manual.

How much privacy is required for the TensionTerminator?

Our experience has shown that using the TensionTerminator does not make people feel awkward at all. Quite the opposite, users often exchange experiences during and after use and welcome the apparatus as a fun topic for small talk.

Is it possible to sustain an injury from using the TensionTerminators or can the back pain get worse?

Too much is never good. The most important principle in using the TensionTerminators is: "listen to your body" and respect your individual pain threshold. The instruction manual provides detailed anwers to this question and helps to use the TensionTerminator in a safe way.

What if the TensionTerminator is damaged?

We have never experiened any damage during our two-year trial. In the unlikely event of damage or problems with the functionality of the device, please refer to us and we will repair or replace it.