Correct Use

Just a few minutes daily can effectivley reduce muscle tension. Use your breaks to loosen up - on the wall.

TensionTerminator Hebel


when suffering from trigger point pain in the shoulder-neck area, in the back or gluteal area (including sciatica)

Rücken mit Druckpunkten
Symbolbild für Duobälle Symbolbild große Duobälle


when suffering from tension along the back

Rücken mit Rollpunkten

Apply pressure according to the pain scale so that you feel a firm but agreeable pressure.


Adjusting the lever

Hebel ausklappen

1. Swing the lever forward and adjust it to a lower position than the point of pain.

Hebel positionieren

2. Position the lever on the point of pain.

Gegen Hebel drücken

3. Press the point of pain upward against the lever and hold the pressure for 1 – 2 minutes.

Rolling properly

Duobälle positionieren

1. Slightly bend forward and cross your arms in front of your chest.

Duobälle an Schmerzpunkt positionieren

2. Position the duoballs below the point of pain, place your legs further away from the wall.

Duobälle rollen

3. Move your pelvis forward and upward. Always roll in slow motion to give the tissue time to relax.