What is ErgoPhysion?

We turn turn lazy humpback whales into agile dolphins!
The name ErgoPhysion is composed of ergonomics and physiotherapy. ErgoPhysion provides effective methods for self-treatment that are easy to use and integrate into your daily routine. 

We offer workshops on the prevention of back pain as well as ergonomic products to facilitate self-help.

„I am driven by the search for simple, useful, beautiful, ingenious and easy-to-implement solutions."

Martin Feuerstein
Martin Feuerstein

ErgoPhysion was founded in 2018 by Martin Feuerstein. The physiotherapist with a background in engineering has many years of experience in physiotherapy and ergonomics.  ErgoPhysion is the result of his passion.

As a physiotherapist, Martin has always aimed at providing his clients with simple and effective methods of self-treatment that are easy to  integrate into their daily lives. The TensionTerminator is a direct result of these efforts.