Roll your pain away

The Tension Terminator turns lazy humpback whales into agile dolphins.




The lever is used to treat spot pain in the shoulder-neck area, in the back or in the gluteal area. With its sensitive nose, the lever sniffs out pain and relieves it through trigger point pressure in less than two minutes.




When you feel tension in the back, you can roll it away with the duoballs. The slow movement gives the tissue time to relax and turns the short time spent on the wall into a little wellness vacation.




No matter if you are a dwarf or a giant – the duoballs adapt to the individual size of the user due to their adjustable mount.


85 %

of the population have experienced back pain.

8 million
days of sick leave annually due to back pain.
40 %
of early retirement is due to back pain.
hospitalisations annually due to spinal issues
90 %
of back problems can be self-treated

We have turned several humpback whales into agile dolphins.

  • There are days when I wish I could solve other problems in such an easy way!

    Felix Blasy, Firma Eisen Blasy
    Felix Blasy

    General Manager

  • It's a super cool thing, quick and easy to use and it feels soo good! Perfect for my office days! My back will be forever grateful.

    Dijana Todorovic
    Dijana Todorovic

    Therese Mölk Bakery


    The TensionTerminator is a great investment in the health of our employees. As a result of using the device, they now have fewer headaches and a looser neck and back.

    Tanja Steiner Hypo Tirol
    Tanja Steiner

    Hypo Tirol Bank AG

  • The staff is very grateful for the purchase of the TensionTerminator. The device is widely used and appreciated in all areas of the company.

    Hans-Peter Köll
    Hans-Peter Köll

    Public Transport Service Innsbruck - IVB
    Facility Management

  • The TensionTerminator has become very popular in every way in our manufacturing department. Our staff enjoys using it regularly and it has helped them to significantly improve their problems with muscle tension. 

    Alexander Mayr, Firma MED-EL
    Alexander Mayr

    MED-EL Austria
    Head of Implant Manufacturing

Anwendung am Rücken

How to use it

Anwendung am Rücken

If sitting is the new smoking, then the TensionTerminator is the new nicotine patch. Learn more about how to use it properly.

Frequently asked questions

Where should the TensionTerminator be installed?

A location next to the management office is probably not such a good idea. The cafeteria proved to be an ideal spot, where the TensionTerminator becomes the focus of attention and contributes to the entertainment of the team. Other suitable locations are areas where the entire staff frequented passes through, e.g. on the way to the bathroom or the copy machine.  

Can the TensionTerminator be disinfected?

Generally, yes. Please refer to the detailed instructions for cleaning and maintenance in the instruction manual.

Is it possible to sustain an injury from using the TensionTerminators or can the back pain get worse?

Too much is never good. The most important principle in using the TensionTerminators is: "listen to your body" and respect your individual pain threshold. The instruction manual provides detailed anwers to this question and helps to use the TensionTerminator in a safe way.

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